The Community has spoken- Introducing SAVE Buybacks.

2 min readMay 28, 2021


$SAVE investors are an important part of the SaveTheWorld mission, and for that reason we’re switching things up.

Since Monday, May 24th, SaveTheWorld has been donating to various South African charities.

Time and time again, the community has provided us with invaluable insight and powerful recommendations. Up until this point, SaveTheWorld has been focused on establishing the foundation of trust that all charitable organisations need. Having donated millions, gotten the $SAVE contract audited and proved our dedication time and time again, this step is now complete.




With full credibility now established, it’s time to move onto the next step.

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Introducing…. SaveTheWorld BUY-BACKS.

This is one big step for $SAVE holders, and one giant leap for our SaveTheWorld Moon Mission.

As of now, a whopping SIX PERCENT OF EVERY TRANSACTION will be permanently burnt from the $SAVE token supply. How will we achieve this?
Buy-backs. Our clever team has found a way to do benefit the Save Community WITHOUT reducing the size of our donations. Buy-backs also benefit shareholders by increasing the percentage of ownership held by each investor by reducing the total number of outstanding tokens.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Instead of our old system where 4% of the 10% transaction fee is locked into liquidity, this 4% will instead be used to MARKET BUY additional Save tokens, which will then be burnt forever.
  • This means that a whopping 6% of each transaction will be gone forever.
  • This will reduce the token’s circulating supply even faster and help push the price up. We already have burned over one third of the supply!


On Day 2, $SAVE generated +$1 million dollars in daily liquidity. With our new tokenomics and this type of volume, we would donate $500,000 but ALSO buy-back $500,000 dollars of $SAVE on the market, and then burn those tokens. This will be massive.

New Tokenomic- FAQs:

A quick guide to any questions $SAVE holders may have.

As you can see, the SaveTheWorld team will not rest until we have SavedTheWorld. Until then, we will continue to reinvent ourselves and strive for me.

Join us and SaveTheWorld.




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disclaimer: SaveTheWorld is an experimental project in decentralized finance and as with any other investment there is risk involved.




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