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Save Tokenomics Update. More Reflections!

Hello SAVE community! If you read our previous medium article last week, we mentioned a proposal to update the tokenomics of SAVE to create a more viable project that can support itself as well as reward our community for their commitment in making the world a better place. Let’s talk about what the current tax is, and what the new tax breakdown will look like. As of November 12th at 10pm EST, the new tax has gone into effect.

Old Tax

The 10% tax from the last few months can be broken down into the following:

2% to Donations

4% Burned

2% Redistributed to Holders

2% Marketing and Development

Total Tax: 10%

While 4% of the total tax was going to the burn wallet, we felt that the 35% of of the supply already being burnt was sufficient and we could free up 4% from the tax to apply elsewhere. In addition to this, the burn wallet continuously receives reflections from each transaction, meaning burning will still occur every time a buy, sell, or transfer occurs.

We also wanted to take care of our investors, rewarding them for their continued efforts in the project. We believe our new tax breakdown does exactly this.

New Tax Breakdown

Based of our proposal, the new breakdown will be as follows:

With half of the total tax going back to holders, the SAVE community and its investors will benefit from helping others around the world. This 2.5x increase in rewards for our holders also means the burn wallet will also be increasing its burn rate, lowering the supply of SAVE.

We also wanted to increase our contributions to charities. SAVE is an impacting investing token first and foremost, with our charities playing a huge role in our project. As such, they will receive an additional 1% for donations.

We believe this new breakdown puts the interests of our investors first and foremost. Thank you to the SAVE community for being part of the journey. We are 33,000 strong, and growing daily!

About Save the World:

The SaveTheWorld Project sets its sights on becoming THE defining Impact Investing Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Our team has serious ambitions, and as a result we have decided not to limit our charity drives to one cause or another. Instead, SaveTheWorld project will operate based on where it is needed most, with the help of our community deciding who gets help next.





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