Save the World November Update

5 min readNov 6, 2021


We at the SAVE team hope you’ve been well over the last few weeks. There’s a lot of new faces that have discovered us over the last month and I wanted to give everyone an update on where SAVE is at, and what is currently being planned. If you want to just read what’s planned, skip to the bottom of the post.

What We’ve Accomplished

If you have been with us since launch, you have seen SAVE’s potential and the impact it has had. In it’s first three months, over $2 million was donated to charity and a marketcap of over $175m was achieved. This was enormous for SAVE as it gave us the ability to truly make an impact by donating to causes such as Act Now, The American Cancer Society, and Actor and Comedian Michael Blackson’s school in Ghana that is currently being built with the help of THIS community, just to name a few. Every single donation is verifiable through our wallet, and every charity we donated to was vetted and confirmed as a real organization helping real people.

At the same time, the SAVE team is comprised of a 100% volunteer team of people from the community who stepped up after seeing the impact SAVE has had in order to continue its development. Over time, we needed additional assistance for the next steps of our platform, and those people needed to be paid. Because of this, we were left with being able to excitedly claim we donated millions to charity, but also left nothing for our investors and our platform development allowing us to fall flat. The lesson learned was in order to help as many people as possible, we also have to be able to help ourselves and our investors.

Save the World x Act Now Africa

Our Jamaica Campaign

Back in the summer, we announced a huge campaign with our friends in Jamaica to donate to a number of charities. In addition, a Save the World song featuring prominent artists such as Sizzla, Paradax, Jo Mersa Marley, and Bugle was slated for release in order to generate additional excitement for the campaign. This campaign began on September 1st of this year. Although we envisioned an amazing idea with the help of our friends in Jamaica, we did not foresee the delays we have encountered during the process of releasing and distributing the song. Although the song has taken longer than anticipated to release, we still have full intentions to release the song as soon as it is cleared and contribute to our friends and charities in Jamaica when the time comes. This brings us to our next point.

What’s Next

Given the holiday season, we could not sit idly by as people across the world are currently starving and in need of clothing. Given the time of season, we believe the biggest impact SAVE can have is by donating to multiple food and clothing organizations to help those in need get the care they deserve over these next few months. This is where we need your help. We are currently looking for charities and food banks who need assistance this holiday season. If you have a local organization you’d like to see the SAVE community contribute to this holiday, you can fill out this form here with some information about them:

It also generally helps to make things easier if they accept crypto. If they need assistance setting up a wallet, we’d be happy to help.

When the time comes for our song with our Jamaican partners to drop, we can set a date for the new campaign and drop the song in unison.

SAVE Food Drive in South Africa for People in Need

Our Proposal

Given our 30,000 holders in the SAVE community, we did not want to forget about them either. In order to help advance the platform and to reward our holders for their commitment to saving the world, we are proposing a new tax structure going forward, with the approval of our community. The new tax changes would be as follows:

5% Reflection to Holders
3% to Donations
2% to Marketing and Development

The updated reflections would reward our investors for their commitment to the ecosystem and for helping people around the world. The marketing and development wallet would also assist the volunteer team in adding new features to our ecosystem.

Current Donation Wallet

The donation wallet currently holds a little over $12,000. Given the need to advance the NFT marketplace and create additional utility for SAVE, the team is proposing a one time grant of using these funds in order to pay for these additional developments to the platform. If the community agrees, we can fund the marketplace and get us over the finish line. We expect the influx of investors interacting with our new platform to further drive up contributions for donations.

NFT Platform

If the community agrees to funding the NFT platform with the current donation wallet, the NFT marketplace will be built and will feature exclusive NFTs of our current and past partners to commemorate our campaigns. In addition to this, the marketplace will allow SAVE holders to create charity specific NFTs for organizations they would like to help in order to help boost contributions.

NFT Giveaway

To reward our loyal holders, we are also announcing a giveaway of 1,000 NFTs to our top 1,000 holders. This of course does not include the PCS wallet or the burn wallet. A snapshot of everyone’s holdings will be taken on November 15th, and an NFT will be airdropped to your wallet for free. We’ll have more information on what you can do with it soon.

We’re very excited about the path SAVE is taking and are looking forward to continuing its development as the number one impact investing token in crypto. To everyone who has been with us from the beginning, we personally thank you for sticking with us. To the new faces, thank you for joining us. This project is probably the most wholesome out there and we’re going to make a huge positive impact with crypto.

About Save the World:

The SaveTheWorld Project sets its sights on becoming THE defining Impact Investing Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Our team has serious ambitions, and as a result we have decided not to limit our charity drives to one cause or another. Instead, SaveTheWorld project will operate based on where it is needed most, with the help of our community deciding who gets help next.





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