Milestones, Roadmaps and Partnerships!

2 min readMay 17, 2021


When we said we were the defining charity token, we weren’t messing around.

In this post, we’ll be talking milestones, then our new roadmap, and finally, our second partnership!

Here are some of the incredible milestones we have reached in the last six days:

  • Over $1,600,000 USD donated to charity.
  • 30,000 holders.
  • 11,000 Twitter followers.
  • 6,500 Telegram members
  • Recognition from multiple notable figures such as Crypto Cobain, Faze Nikan & Faze Teeqo, to mention a few.
  • Outperformed every single other charity token on Average Daily Donations by a long shot.
  • Fostered partnerships with Riskmoon, and just announced on livestream our newly formed partnership with MOONJUICE.
  • Began looking to move towards Phase 2 of our charity drive.

Our provisional Roadmap for the future:

May / June

  • Website v2
  • Doxxed team
  • DAO v1
  • Charity Proposals v1
  • Donation Voting v1
  • Personalised Donation Metrics
  • Automation v1
  • SAVE Contest v1
  • DAO v2
  • Gamification v1

July / August

  • Partner Program
  • Secondary Utility
  • Charity Proposals v2
  • Donation Voting v2
  • SAVE Ambassador Program
  • DAO v3
  • NFT v1
  • SAVE Contest v2
  • Gamification v2

That’s a wrap, until next time!

SaveTheWorld Token is the pioneering charity token across all chains and we have big plans to expand our footprint, reach and utility in order to gain more holders and more trade volume. Volume is key here to increase donations and this is the most important outcome for the project.

We are truly doing our best efforts to build a platform which enables YOU, the community, to make a difference and to change lives for the better. Please join us on this journey and help us SaveTheWorld.




🌐 Website:

disclaimer: SaveTheWorld is an experimental project in decentralized finance and as with any other investment there is risk involved.




The defining impact investing token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. With over $2 million donated since May, join us on our journey as we Save the World.