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5 min readMay 6, 2021
SaveTheWorld token will consistently attract new investors, both philanthropic and speculative alike.

SaveTheWorld — the defining Charity Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

SaveTheWorld is our step towards making the World a better place for all, achieved through utilising the immense decentralised power of cryptocurrencies.

The SaveTheWorld Project sets its sights on becoming THE defining Charity Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Our team has serious ambitions, and as a result we have decided not to limit our charity drives to one cause or another. Instead, SaveTheWorld project will operate in defined Phases, each with a unique charitable cause at its focus.

For example, the initial charity drive, Phase 1, will see SaveTheWorld concentrate all its efforts on aiding India in its battle against Covid-19 situation. Once both the team and community are satisfied that our goal has met and a tangible difference has been made to the selected Cause, the following Phase with a new Cause at its centre will begin.


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Who said we can’t? SaveTheWorld harnesses the decentralised power of the blockchain to make a difference.

So, what sets SaveTheWorld apart from other charity cryptocurrencies?

I’m glad you asked- there are several differences, in fact.

One. Given the dynamism of the project, and the fact that there are endless worthy charitable causes, SaveTheWorld token will be able to consistently draw in new investors, both philanthropic and speculative alike.

Two. We are fully committed to the causes we aim to support. Unlike many supposed “charity” tokens, we will provide proof of donations and ensure all funds reach their worthy causes. With all charity-based projects, transparency is of the utmost importance. The team behind SaveTheWorld are well known and well respected in the cryptocurrency world. Each and everyone of us will strive to see as much funds raised for as many Causes as possible. One of the members is doxxed. See here:

Three. While others use donations simply to pump their project’s marketing, we are using a Gnosis Multi-Signature Wallet to handle the donations in an entirely transparent way. We aim to keep the charities in question as impartial to politics as possible. There comes a time when all people must rise up beyond our differences and collaborate. For that reason, SaveTheWorld will focus on issues that are objectively important in a humanitarian and environmental sense. One love.

Phase 1: Why India?

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India has been paramount in the global effort to fight Covid-19 thanks to the huge amount of vaccines it has already produced. According to the Indian Government, as of the 28th of April, India has supplied more than 90 countries across the globe with vaccines.

We have all seen the desperate images of the Indian nation being overcome by a horrific second wave of Covid-19. India has consistently broken the record for most daily cases, with over 400,000 cases and a staggering 3,000 daily deaths.

Thousands are dying daily due to a debilitating lack of essential medical supplies, such as oxygen tanks and PPE gear. This is where we, the global crypto community step in. It is time to band together and show not just solidarity with our Indian brothers and sisters, but real tangible support.

“If you said that you wanted to save the world, people would laugh.

But who said we can’t SaveTheWorld? Blockchain is about empowerment and defying the odds.

So, we’re gonna do just that.”

Here’s how:

Every day, 50% of the daily generated liquidity will be removed.

100% of the BNB from liquidity will be sent to charity while 100% of the SaveTheWorld tokens will be burned. For Phase 1, this BNB will be sent directly to the COVID-19 relief campaign being run by the co-founder of Polygon Network, Sandeep Nailwal, in order to aid India’s fight against its deadly second wave of the COVID-19 virus. It is not unlikely that this project could generate thousands upon thousands DAILY that will be sent to this incredible cause. These donations will directly translate into saved lives.

For more information about the COVID relief campaign run by the Co-founder of Polygon, visit

You can also make direct cryptocurrency contributions through different networks through the Wallet Addresses found on the Crypto Relief Twitter page:

Phase 2: What next?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Once the project is near to completing its Phase 1 goals, the following Phase will be discussed between team and community alike. Ideas will be crowdsourced through polling in the Telegram chat and Twitter engagement.

The Tokenomics:

To be THE defining deflationary Charity Token on Binance Smart Chain Network, you need solid tokenomics. And we do.


1,000,000,000,000,000 total supply, hyper deflationary in nature.

30% of total supply burned before launch.

35% allocated to presale.

35% allocated to Pancakeswap liquidity.

Transaction Tax:

A 10% tax is incurred on every transaction.

2% of each transaction will be distributed amongst SaveTheWorld token holders, providing frictionless yield rewards. The remaining 8% goes to liquidity. This is where things get interesting.

Charity Function:

50% of daily generated liquidity will be removed, with 100% of the BNB from liquidity will be sent to charity while 100% of the SaveTheWorld tokens are burned. We mean business. 100% to charity, nothing less.




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disclaimer: SaveTheWorld is an experimental project in decentralized finance and as with any other investment there is risk involved.




The defining impact investing token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. With over $2 million donated since May, join us on our journey as we Save the World.