4 min readMay 13, 2022

Hello everyone. It’s been quite a while since we’ve shared some updates and today, wanted to update you on what’s next for Save the World.

Current State

As many of you can currently see, Save the World is currently unable to garner enough momentum to give it the sustainability it needs to continually move forward. Here are just some of the issues that have prevented us from advancing:

· The large amount of liquidity. Because a massive amount was added over the course of the project, it has effectively “trapped” our price point and stabilized it to the point where big buys have little to no impact on price.

· Little to no marketing/funds. Most holders understand that during the first six months of the project, 0% of the total transaction fee went towards marketing and development. This left us unable to hire new talent and continually develop the platform as planned.

· Lack of excitement and interest. Since trading has been minimal, our marketing and development wallet hasn’t accrued the necessary funds to sustain marketing.

· Time Constraints from current team members. We believe a new team with a fresh perspective is needed in order to find a new path forward.

We believe Save the World is an amazing project with a mission that will live on for a long time, while also providing investors a return. Given the right tools and focus, Save the World will succeed at being a well-established token in the crypto space that helps charities worldwide while also benefiting its holders.

We’ve also realized that moving forward with the current project presents an uphill battle, with little progress being made due to several reasons. There is history that has been discussed at nauseum, and at this point everyone understands the mistakes that were made, the trust put forth in some that was swiftly betrayed, and the general Charity landscape and the bruises it has taken. One thing has remained constant at Save in that it is and has always been safu, with a strong belief in doing good through crypto. With liquidity locked for 100 years, SAVE isn’t going anywhere.

Moving Forward

The team at Save the World believes the best path forward to revitalizing SAVE would be through a restructuring of the current management through the community taking control of Save the World, with a team of volunteers from the community which will control a multi-sig wallet.

While the current team has exhausted all options and leveraged their network to the best of their ability, new core members and a fresh take could help give SAVE the assistance it needs. These core members will be community members, who together will control a multi-sig wallet to ensure no single person has too much control over any funds. This will ensure a conversation will be had and an update given before any funds are donated or moved over for marketing or development.

The current team members will assist with the transition to ensure the new management team will have a complete understanding on where things currently stand, and what opportunities are available once Save the World is restructured. The following opportunities are still available once Save the World is restructured. This includes the following:

· A donation campaign that is already lined up

· An official Save the World song releasing on launch day by top artists

· Weekly lottery drawings with prizes like BNB, SAVE, Whitelisting Wallets, NFT’s, & more

We believe given the lessons learned from v1 along with added utility, a fresh team, and updated tokenomics for v2, SAVE will have much more sustainability in the long run.

Important Information

If you are interested in becoming a core member, here is what you need to know:

· Please reach out to @ChristianSaves with information about yourself and why you would like to become a Core Member. Please list any experience you have in the crypto space along with any connections you may be able to leverage to assist Save the World as well as any relevant work experience

· Once a core team of 3–6 individuals are chosen, we will confer with the new management to bring everyone up to speed on the current state of affairs with the project

· A new multi-sig wallet will be created, with all future donations and marketing/development fees being sent to the new wallet

· The new team will be responsible for outreach, donation campaigns, relaunch, and project management going forward

We’ll be releasing more information soon as we move forward with finding a new core team. We believe with the right tools and people, SAVE will be a long term project that will help many people across the world.

About Save the World:

The SaveTheWorld Project sets its sights on becoming THE defining Impact Investing Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Our team has serious ambitions, and as a result we have decided not to limit our charity drives to one cause or another. Instead, SaveTheWorld project will operate based on where it is needed most, with the help of our community deciding who gets help next.





The defining impact investing token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. With over $2 million donated since May, join us on our journey as we Save the World.